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In certain situations, the court may grant a request for a continuance. This allows for more preparation time and can be requested if both parties agree, there are valid reasons, or trial preparation is incomplete. If needed, ask the judge for a continuance during the proceedings.


Last updated 07/19/2023

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Requesting a continuance

Under certain circumstances the court may be required to grant a request for a continuance. For example, upon the request of any party made on or before the first court date, the court shall continue the case to a new date. A court may also grant a continuance if both parties agree, if one party requests and has a good reason, or if there is discovery or other trial preparation that needs to be done. A continuance will give you more time to prepare for the trial by setting the trial for a later date. If the judge grants your request for a continuance, you can try to get a lawyer, gather all the evidence, and practice what you will say to the judge during the trial.

Asking for a continuance in court

If you appear in court and cannot reach an agreement with your landlord, you can ask the judge for a continuance. Make sure you use the word “continuance.”

Requesting a continuance in writing

You can also request a continuance in writing.  You can use this tool to create a request for continuance that you can print and file.