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General landlord duties


Landlords must follow obligations to create a habitable and safe environment. They must fulfill repair obligations and respect the privacy of their tenants.


Last updated 07/19/2023

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Maintain a habitable property

  • Make the property habitable (safe and healthy to live in) before you move in and maintain property in a habitable condition while you live there.
  • Not disconnect essential utilities, except in case of emergency
  • Make repairs as required by the lease or local, state, or federal law.
  • Follow the terms of the lease such as paying certain utilities and providing working keys to the home.
  • Provide appropriate notice if the landlord is terminating the lease.
  • If required by the municipality, obtain necessary permits and inspections before renting the home. In the City of St. Louis, it is the landlord’s responsibility to obtain a certificate of inspection. By local ordinance, the landlord may not require the tenant to pay for and/or obtain the certificate.

Respect the tenant's privacy

  • Give reasonable notice to you before entering home to make repairs.
  • Not interfere or interrupt utilities such as water, electric, gas, etc.
  • Provide his or her business address to you.
  • Provide notice to you if the owner sells the property.
  • Not enter your home without your permission or reasonable advance notice – unless there is an emergency.