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General tenant duties


As a tenant, it is important to fulfill your responsibilities. This means being compliant with the lease, as well as guest policies.


Last updated 07/19/2023

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Responsibilities as a tenant

  • Pay rent when it is due.
  • Throw out trash and clean your home so your home does not attract rodents or bugs.
  • Take care of your home and do not purposely damage your home.
  • Use the plumbing, electricity and appliances in a reasonable way.

Lease and occupancy compliance

  • If you have a written lease, follow the terms of the lease.
  • Do not bother other tenants.
  • Follow local municipal codes. Obtain an occupancy permit if the municipality requires an occupant (you) to obtain it.
  • Allow the landlord entry into your home to make repairs, provided the landlord gives reasonable notice.

Guest and occupancy policies

  • Make sure your guests follow all rules when visiting your home.
  • If your lease limits who can live with you, do not allow people to live with you who are not listed on the lease.