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What if I find problems with the rental?


Consider alternative rentals if the place is not fixed up and the landlord seems difficult. If you choose to stay, create a written repair list, give a copy to the landlord, and request a signed agreement for repairs by a specific date.


Last updated 06/22/2023

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Look somewhere else to rent

Consider looking somewhere else to rent. If the place is not fixed up, you may have a bad landlord.

Make a written list of repairs

If you still want to live there, make a written list of repairs. Date it, make a photocopy for your records, and give it to the landlord.

Ensure timely repairs: Obtain a signed agreement from the landlord

Ask the landlord to agree, in writing, to complete the repairs at no charge by a certain date. Have your landlord sign the agreement. Keep the agreement with your other important papers.