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Other motions for eviction cases

What will this interview do?

This interview will allow you to select the forms that are appropriate for your eviction case and circumstances. You will then be asked questions to complete the motions. If the answers to your questions indicate that the motion is not appropriate, you may see a warning screen that will allow you to choose other motions, exit or continue. You can then download forms that need to be printed, signed, and delivered to the opposing party and the court clerk.

What forms will I get?

This form can help you prepare the following motions:

  • Motion to Dismiss or For a More Definite Statement
  • Motion to Shorten Time
  • Motion to Set Aside Judgment
  • Motion for Leave to File Responsive Pleadings
  • Motion to Elevate Security

And a required Notice of Hearing for each motion.

Will this cost me any money to use?

This tool is free to use.